How to Choose a Hardwood Flooring Contractor

Making the switch from carpets to hardwood floors is a great way to improve the livability of your home and enhance its value. Modern buyers love the look of hardwood floors, and they are willing to pay more for a home that has them. If you are getting ready to put your home on the market, upgrading the flooring should be at the top of your to-do list.

Even if you plan to stay put, installing hardwood floors can be a smart thing to do. Hardwood floors are much easier to clean than carpet, and they do not trap dust, dirt and allergens the way carpet fibers do. But before you head out to the hardware store for the materials, you might want to step back and call a contractor instead.

Installing a hardwood floor, whether in a single room or a whole house, is not a small job, and getting it wrong can destroy the integrity of the new surface before you even get started. Even a small imperfection in the laying of the hardwood floor could create problems later on – problems that will be expensive and time-consuming to pick.

Unless you are an experienced contractor, it is best to leave the hardwood floor installation to the pros. But how do you choose a hardwood flooring contractor, and what do you need to look for?

One of the most important things to look for in a hardwood flooring contractor is specific expertise in the type of floor you plan to lay. You have many options when it comes to hardwood floors, from soft woods like pine to harder surfaces like oak to exotic woods like bamboo and teak. Each of these surfaces requires a different approach, and not all contractors will be equally skilled at installing of these woods.

When you interview contractors, be sure to ask about the expertise they have in the type of flooring you have chosen. Look for a contractor who is comfortable with your chosen wood, and one who can provide references from past jobs of similar scope and complexity.

It is also important to choose a hardwood flooring contractor who can work within your time constraints and budget. Upgrading your entire home to hardwood flooring is not a cheap thing to do, but a good contractor will work with you to keep costs to a reasonable level.

An experienced contractor will also help you understand the scope of the project and how long the job will take. Knowing that information ahead of time can reduce the disruption in your life and make the project easier on your family.

Upgrading your home to hardwood floors is a smart thing to do, but you need to choose the right contractor. Once you know what to look for, it will be much easier to find a professional you can trust – one who can handle the job and leave your home looking better than ever.